EL Jute Water System GG#1864564

The Project
The goal is to provide potable water to the residents of El Jute, Guatemala. Currently they (mostly women and children) walk about 9 kilometers a day to get clean water The system will be a gravity based water from a mountain spring to serve approximately 450 people in the town below. The project will also provide training to the local water committee to maintain and sustain the project It is a US $ 89,600 project.
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    Hi Bryan, The best way for your to help out in Guatemala would be to connect with you local Rotary or Rotaract club which you can find here: https://my.rotary.org/en/search/club-finder
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    My name is Bryan beza, I'm 19 years old I'm from chiquimula,Guatemala. I have the skill and knowledge about English, I'm an accountant, student of the university of San Carlos de Guatemala, CUNORI. Actually I'm unemployed but my last work was in Domino's pizza. I don't really know how I could help on this project or if maybe i am useful in something but I know this place since I was young and I would like to help them about this situation which is the lack of potable water. For any contact call at this number: +50249364193 Thank you!
905-975-0584 ; Alison Ames