Global Grant GG1864242 Kumbo Cameroon

$56,025 USD
The Project
10 women prisoners are going to learn how to make a living raising and selling broilers when they are released from prison. Good for Kumbo Rotary in championing the need to help these young women and start to help lift them out of poverty. About 20,000 villagers folk will soon be drinking potable water and women and girls will no longer need to trek 3-4 hrs daily in search of water to supply the needs of their families for safe drinking water. Over 2,000 school children will be introduced to personal hygiene and sanitation practices through a new WASH training program. All because of the vision and drive of a few Cameroon, USA and Canadian Rotarians pulling together to make life better for those In need in rural Cameroon and a few more thousand Rotarians providing the necessary funds through The Rotary Foundation. To the network of Rotarians in Kumbo, Nkar, Denver, CO, Wiarton and Guelph, and especially Nurse Serophine Veyufambom, in Bamenda, and the numerous emails back and forth, my thanks for making this good news possible.


Project Location

Kumbo, Cameroon

519-827-1946; Ab Moore