Water and Sanitation Project in Ghana

The Project
We are excited to announce you today that our Rotary Club of Montréal is undertaking another very important water, sanitation and microcredit project in Ghana. Walter Hughes, with whom we have already partnered in many projects, will lead this US$400,000 project, which will have a tremendous impact over 25,000 lives in 25 villages. Our enthusiasm also comes from the fact that, in addition to being able to secure large grants from multiple Rotary Clubs and Districts and the Rotary Foundation, this project meets the eligibility criteria for a significant grant from the Canadian government. This latest grant is made possible through an agreement recently signed between the Canadian government and The Rotary Foundation of Canada (Community Development Partnership). To give you a better idea about this marvellous big impact project, you will find attached the following documents: 1- A short summary of the project 2- Walter Hughes’s track record 3- Walter’s biography 4- An example of a Canadian government grant for a project. Our fundraising to amass the required $400,000 is running smoothly, but we are still $58,000 short of our objective. Since this shortfall is a significant amount for our small Rotary Club of Montréal, we ask you for a financial contribution so that we can achieve our goal.


Project Location

Kumasi, Ghana