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Creating Income Opportunities for Women – Earthquake Relief

$42,263 USD
The Project
Khokana is a small Newari village about 9 kilometres from the capital city of Kathmandu. The community of about 7,000 inhabitants consists primarily of farmers and artisans. Traditional practices still play a significant part in the life of the inhabitants. The devastating earthquakes in 2015 caused large-scale damage, many injuries and loss of life. Of the 900 households in the village, about 550 home were completely destroyed and 307 homes were partially damaged. The task of rebuilding the community is enormous and requires additional investment for most families. The objectives of this grant are twofold: 1) to strengthen the Khokana Women Awareness Society (KWAS); and 2) equip about 150 women who have been affected by the 2015 earthquakes with income-generating skills close to their homes. Strengthening KWAS will enable the society to even better manage its activities; generate the required income to sustain the society in the long run; and maintain and expand their community outreach in the areas of maternal and reproductive health, child-care. Training 150 women of Khokana and the surrounding areas will empower them to become self-reliant by contributing to family income, rebuilding the community and overcoming the disaster. The indirect benefit from the extra income will be to lessen the risk of children dropping out of school to support household and income-generating activities.   The sewing and straw weaving training have been completed and the cooking training is almost complete. Currently, the trainees are doing their on-the-job training. Two other training events are being planned, but right now (July/August), the women are busy with rice plantation. Ways to strengthen KWAS's management capacity is also being discussed.
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