Flooding Crisis in Kerala, India

The Project
News reports state that nearly 400 people have died because of torrential rains and flooding. 220,000 people have been displaced, some through harrowing rescues. The governments have been forced to open 22 dam floodgates which have added more water. Houses and buildings are being washed away by water and mudslides. We have received a request from our friends in the Rotary Club of Dindigul, India where we have just completed a Dairy project and who are neighbours to the state of Tamilnadu next door to Kerala. Dindigul is filling trucks with food kits and has so far sent 7 truckloads to various districts in Kerala. Materials sent so far: Rice - 32 tonnes Dhal – 3.5 tonnes Salt – 3.5 tonnes Masala Powder = 600 kgs Utensils – 1,000 cooking sets Eating Utensils – 1 plate + 1 big spoon Rusks and Biscuits Milk (½ liter tetra-pack with 6 months shelf-life) – 240 packs Bedsheet, Lungi, nighty and essential medicines The food materials are packed in kits suitable for household use. They are asking for our help in providing more supplies to Kerala in their time of need. Fuel for the trucks and money to purchase more food and basic supplies to be delivered directly to those in need. Should other clubs or individuals wish to contribute to their efforts, please contact suericketts94@gmail.com. We know these people and trust them to use our money directly to benefit those in need.


Project Location

Kerala, India