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Sustainable Family Income and Nutrition in Guatemala

$177,350 USD
The Project
• To provide a new sustainable source of family income to rural families in the dry region near Chiquimula Guatemala and • To improve the food security, nutrition and health of rural families through the application of an integrated and ecological gardening method. • To enable rural families to become more self-sufficient, self-confident and empowered through the production of high quality food, group organization, community participation and development. These rural families have suffered through two major hits to their security in the past few years: a coffee blight that has removed one of their primary sources of family income and a sustained drought that has significantly reduced their family food and nutrition supply. Each year, they have 1 rainy season and 1 dry season. By early in the dry season, they have very little water left for growing their own food. The project will work with 66 families in two communities. The total number of beneficiaries including family members is over 400 children, women and men. It is also expected that when the benefits become clear, other families in the villages will begin to follow this example.


Project Location

Chiquimula, Guatemala